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  Live peace, can hold full of happiness in your mind。


  Not you more pain than others, but you express something wonderful。


  Don't come to watch other people, oneself go wrong at the foot of the road。


  Everyone has a partner, please don't drove his other half out。


  Sometimes, you all of life planning, but a bad fortune。


  You become the owner of the mentality, will inevitably turned out to be the slave of the mood。


  Rather insipid life, in love once, even if it is short for one hour。


  Here are the process and outcome, again to entwine, connect oneself feel greedy。


  Sometimes you think the sky is falling down, actually, is himself standing slanting。


  Left eye had not seen one side, don't know to comfort, only know to accompany it tears。


  Person's life is destined to meet two people, an amazing time, a gentle time。


  When I was in love, you have to believe in it。 In the left, you believe in yourself。


  I had no time to seriously young, to be understood, can only choose carefully old。


  Be happy, nothing to care about, anyway we who also don't want to leave this world alive。


  Your beliefs can't prove that you are more outstanding, only your actions to prove it。


  I said all the lies, you all believe in。 Simple I love you, but you always don't believe it。


  If sad, just try and looked up the sky, it is so big, can include all of your grievance。


  Metamorphic feelings like smoke, no nutrition, but lost out, with a little erosion。


  Don't hold the past too tight, because you have not make moves to embrace now。 Good morning!


  Should be taking the advantage of young, and favorite people together, making something warmer than summer。


  Now you pay, can is a kind of precipitation, they will pave silently, just to make you a better person。


  If you feel tired, the best thing to do, is to make yourself more tired。 Too tired to complete to get off。


  Cry if there is no shoulder to rely on, then looked up, only their own strong, will not be trampled。


  Hit there is always a period of time, full of nervous, but in addition to brave face, we have no other choice。


  The bottom of my heart that is eager to be ourselves, not we run to the end of, but the place where we go now。


  Girls only in front of you like boys can be changed into girls, other times must like a gentleman to struggle!


  Sometimes I really want to pour out my heart out and then a sling out, and then said: you what pain? No ambition。


  Don't to cater to all people, to live so tired, tried to make everyone happy, you will forget how to smile。


  Is predestined friends the people, no matter be apart, never away, eventually is gather together, hand in hand to the world of mortals。


  I always believe in this world, there are still hand in hand to the old, to die of love。 Just have no confidence, I can meet。


  Person's life, only the growth of the mind and the rich is one of the most important。 The rest, yes。 It's Thanksgiving; No, don't。


  I am a boat! It props up a stretch of white sails, adrift in the sea! When you are lonely, I will quietly to your heart。


  Must stand up again, tell yourself, continue to go, journey is not over, even if to pick up something already were crushed to pieces。


  Don't understand can't considerate, not considerate will didn't mean to hurt, didn't mean to hurt will weaken the bond between each other。


  Most importantly, brave to follow your heart and intuition。 Decide a person's life, and the entire fate, is just a moment。


  Person for the rest of your life, you have to believe this one: to retain the need not hard, do not leave without effort。 And fate, insist。


  Such things as memory, let him go, give him freedom, than to imprison him, reminding you every day painful past, more sensible。


  Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall after all。 Good morning, come on! My dear friends!


  Many years later, people say that older issues can be buried, but I know this is wrong, because he will climb by the past。


  You know you need to let go but can not let go, because you are still waiting for the impossible occurs, the feeling is really uncomfortable。


  Who don't have to deliberately meet, don't rush to have who, who don't barely keep more。 All let nature take its course, your best left to the last man。


  Life is like in pencil, start is very sharp, but slowly worn smooth。 Too smooth, however, is not good, that means almost the get cut。


  When you find yourself, now have far more than once lost to good, you know, all struggle is worth it! A new day, good morning, ladies and gentlemen!


  The heart itself is not big, don't carry too much。 The tangle of yesterday, will only be imprisoned your today and tomorrow。 Life, must learn to let go!


  Your efforts, not necessarily in the eyes of others, you don't work hard, others must be in my heart。 What else can be lazy, a new day, come on, friends!


  Who doesn't want to live easily, no pressure, all along with the gender, but if you really like to do it, you will find that the world is against you。


  Don't find happiness in other people's eye lights, day and night is black and white world, laughter and tears is the joys and pangs of life。 People live a lifetime, happy is the most important。


  Is only in the collective, the individual is can get all-round development of the method, that is to say, only in the collective is likely to have the freedom of the individual。


  Don't always in the memory of the past lingering, don't always want to let yesterday rain wet things today。 Yesterday's sun, sun don't clothes today。 So, please look forward!


  Use for a period of time, understood at a time。 There was a man, you run out of all the crazy, love him, as life。 Wish there was a man, let you pack up lead China, accompany him through time。

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